Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Apartment

Here is where we are staying and the path we walk everyday to head out to the city. Fuller is only a half a block away...We have really enjoyed walking and meeting people along the way...we have several stories and God is really teaching us about opening up our lives with those around us...not just to those we call friends. I knowI won't want to be walking around Austin in the crazy heat...but I pray that God will prepare ways that I can seek out those around me more in Austin. We head home Saturday....we've loved it here, but looking forward to going back to Austin!

Our Date!

Albert Einstein's apartment...

We got to go on a date to Madeleines! It was awesome! Across the court yard were apartments and the one pictured is where Albert Einstein lived...

Back to the Ole Routine

We are back at the ole routine we started last week...walking Stew to class, walking around ourselves and hanging out with the people and places we find. Usually we like to grab one of Stew's classmates for lunch or dinner. Tom is seen talking to Stew. He works with Innervarsity in St. Louis. He has an amazing story of how God took a hold of his heart.

This night was dinner at Rubio's..$1 fish tacos! And yes my kids ate it! There is an outdoor mall with many restaurants downtown. After dinner we strolled around and found a water fountain! Wesleygrant assumed it was like the water park in Memphis and went right into it! He was soaked!! Other kids followed...we went back today. Soaked from head to toe! It was fun!