Thursday, February 28, 2008

WesleyGrant - Our BOY!!!

WesleyGrant has become truly the BOY of the house! His favorite thing to say about boys and girls is the "Girls are Beautiful, mommy and Boys are Stong!" This truly portrays how he opperates....Sally is one to be gentle with, help and "boss" around and He is always trying to do things himself, experess his early leadership skills and "super hero"powers. His new favorite thing is to dance...the video above is when i caught him going outside in his underwear and dancing for the neighbors! crazy! I am seeing fruit in his life socially, emotionally and even spiritual. He told me last night..."mommy, i have a problem" 'What is wrong, wesleygrant?' "mommy, i have sin in my heart.....can you pray that I will obey?" WOW! We are so proud of our son! He is our BOY!

Sally - OUR GIRL!!!

Sally is JOY in our home! She is always seen with a purse, shoes on, a pacifier, jewlery or something on her head...or sometimes both! She loves food! and she is known for up her brother's messes and loves to pray. We love our little sally!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Dance for Pa

The kids got a Valentines package from Pa in the mail. And we, including me, couldn't wait until Valentines to open we tore into it and found gifts, only pa can give! The kids each got a singing animal singing them love songs. And there was enough candy to feed our entire neighborhood! So after a few pieces of candy, this is what happened next....enjoy! Thank you Pa!! We love you!

Family, Friends and Neighbors

We recently went to Georgia to visit Stew's family. We forgot our camera and so are lacking in the pics of that one...sorry Grandaddy and Nanna!! But we've returned and been able to continue using our house for lots of fun! These are some recent friends who came over. We live right near a park and the kids love walking over there. We have really gotten to know surrounding kids that live here in our neighborhood that way. Sally and Wesleygrant continue to wave and say high to anyone that will look their way...they are quite the show around here!

We are getting ready for our block party this weekend! We are hosting it and it is out of control! I mean, when they throw parties around here, they do it all! We have neighbors bringing tamales, beans, rice, and mexican pastries! We are cooking some hotdogs for kids and there will even be a big bouncing Castle for the kids in our back yard!! crazy!! I'll be sure my camera is ready and share more next week!