Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010...and into a new year!

Celebrated 7 year anniversary in Denton/Dallas area remembering our first steps towards this journey together! A sweet memory!
Brought in the new year with great friends!
Love all the families in our lives and especially when we get to keep their kids when mom and dad are away! or sick in the case of the truss'...
Grand parents and great grandparents gave much to us this year!! So thankful for their lives! (this is stew's dad who came to visit us from Georgia)
my grandparents (82 and 81 yrs old!)
my dad...the kids love Pa and Gammy!

December gave much to us! We love continuing to grow our traditions each year! This coming year we look forward to Stew's trip to Israel and Haiti to find our son. We look forward and wonder what 2011 will bring! happy new year!!