Sunday, May 17, 2009

An unexpected Miracle came to our Home!!

On May 4 th, there was a 4 alarm fire in our neighborhood. 300 people lost their homes. Alessia and her girls, adreanna and angelina were among them. We met Alessia through our friend who was the first at the shelter to meet alessia from our church. She called us and that night Alessia and her girls came home with us to live.

That monday 2 weeks ago, Alessia and her girls lost everything, but by that next Sunday, on Mother's day, Alessia gained everything when she put her trust in Jesus Christ as her Lord.

We are baptizing her in our backyard this coming tuesday! All of you in Austin, come join us! we will start at 7pm.....This family has entered our world and been as much of a blessing to us as we and many others have been to them.

Alessia moved into a new apartment Wednesday but remains to be part of our family.

You never know the miracles that God brings into your life. I will begin sharing some parenting insight that i am learning even from this family and sharing our home with them...i will also share more details of this amazing story! For now, Praise GOD!!!

more to come....