Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Adventure to Oklahoma City

Many nights as we were visiting their friends, staying up late and eating sugar, the kids would just go crazy in the! is all hilary and i kept saying when we would look at each other....An unforgetable experience....THANK YOU FAUZY AND EMAN!!!! WE LOVE YOU!

Our last arabic kids loved the food and so did hilary and I!!
Rama and wesleygrant....they were buddies the whole time, even though they couldn't speak each other's language!
Lots of, my children didn't know what to think of all the sugar...but loved it of cours.
The volcano machine that rained balls down on us!! So fun! I think we adults liked it more than the children!
pizza, then a movie with ice cream, then playing, then slushy's before we went...we stayed there from 3pm until about 6:30pm!! There was so much to do!
sally and meshal are 3 days cute!

we went to incredible pizza and it held up to its name!!
at the mall....fauzy and the boys
At the play area in the mall...sally and meshal
Wesleygrant experienced staying up late and eating chocolate cake as we all visited with their friends....i think he would like to change our schedule at home now....
Our first night....It was pouring rain and the kids were so was 11pm, by the way in this picture....
Our friend, Hilary and I decided to go and visit our friends from Saudi Arabia, who were in Oklahoma City. We never expected what we would experience! It was unbelievable! This family treated us just like we were their family...we stayed with them in their home, ate what they ate, talked with their family in Saudi Arabia, stayed up late talking with girls and doing make-up....while experiencing a few of the fun treats in oklahoma city. Words cannot describe enough of our experience. Fauzy and Eman, you are truly special people in our hearts and we love you and your family so much. Thank you for everything you gave, did and said to us! We will not forget our experience and we look forward to visting you in New York City!!!