Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today with the kiddos

Today we said goodbye to Alessia and the girls for a while...we will miss them so much! The kiddos took a photo shoot together at the park...hilarious! We are off and will be back in a few weeks...cold weather here we come! especially since i just cleaned out our trash can outside full of maggots!! oh my goodness! I am out of here with this Texas heat! See you in July folks!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Fun...

Girls Started Dance!
Our neighbor cooked us dinner!"Everybody's Birthday Party"

Fun times...slumber party
Pool time
We are leaving for 4 weeks to get away...but we have already had enough fun this last month to count for the summer! We are beginning to live life with neighbors on a daily basis and it has been so is always full around here. We will be MIA for a while, but will get back to blogging later this summer. See you in a few weeks!!

Trip to Memphis

We took a road trip to Memphis, TN to visit our old life there 3 years ago. It was so good to see old friends and see what God is continuing to do there through them. Memphis is like no other is so broken, you can almost not help but cry when you drive through it. We went to see DONNIE! We have known him since 6th grade and he was now graduating from his class 5th and with honors. we are so proud of him. I cried just like a mom...or just like me, when i saw him cross the stage. We are so proud of him! We saw many close friends and mentors. It was good times.