Friday, September 28, 2007

Birthday Videos

This is the first attempt to make a birthday video for daddy...i couldn't remember the birthday song, so i just kept singing what i knew...

And this is the final video...Sally started crying because she wanted to hold the camera, but i just continued...i finally remembered the song and i wasn't gonna let anyone, not even sally's crying stop me from singing to my daddy!

I love you daddy!!!


My Great husband is 33!

We celebrated Stew's birthday tonight at UCHI's...a Sushi place here in Austin. We had a great time with the Ford's! Thank you Jason and Jenny for making it such a fun birthday! Happy Birthday, my great husband!! I love you!!

Happy Birthday DADDY!!!!

Thursday was daddy's birthday and I helped mommy make his favorite dessert! I drew him a poster and made a birthday video for him! (coming soon) It was a great day! And now i know that after daddy's birthday comes MY BIRTHDAY! I'm already telling mommy and daddy exactly what kind of a birthday i want!