Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keri and Jeremiah's wedding

We went to our friend's Keri and Jeremiah Duckett! It was one of the most beautiful weddings I've been to! And they had dessert first! so cool!! It was outside in the prettiest parts of Austin. Keri and Jeremiah, we love you guys!! Congratulations!

Visiting Grandparents

A couple of weekends ago, me and the kids went to my grandparents and dad's house for the weekend. It was really fun and really good. Stew took time to rest the whole weekend...i came back needing rest! =) My turn is coming. It is so good to just get out of the city and be in the country! This was fun for me, b/c i used to spend weekends here as a child. It was really good to spend time with family.

The Garden

The garden continues to form! We are so exciting! It has been a process that has given many examples to even how are hearts are with the the body works together. We are so thankful to many who have continued to help and start it. Things are starting to pop up..if we can keep welseygrant and sally from digging it up...i think we might have some veggies to try soon!

The Snows

Aaron and Morgan have become dear friends to us. We met them through another friend and stew and aaron soon became friends as their worlds began coliding and overlapping between people and heart for God. We love when they come visit. This time, Aaron taught wesley grant to say, "Bonk your knoggin!" Aaron, he still is saying that...ha! We love you guys! Thank you for your encouragement and love you give everytime you come to town!

Stew's Birthday!

Stew's birthday was so much fun! We had SUSHI, of course! with some dear friends, Aaron and Morgan Snow and Jonathan and Lauren Ramirez. Thank you guys for such a wonderful evening! we love you all!!