Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Today is Stew's birthday!! We had a wonderful day!! More pics to come. There are so many that are influenced by my husband because of God's work in his life...I'm so thankful for you, my love! And so are many many more! Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A day at the Botanicals

tired, hungry...had a meltdown after picture was time to leave!

aren't they so cute...

Sally's first date with Micah...good call, micah!!!

Sally with future mother-in-law!

Olivia Engstrom and I were able to take the kiddos to the new DinoLand at the Botanical Gardens here in Austin this morning. It was fun! We had moments of melt downs, but as we persevered through it, got a few good pics and ended the day with lunch and naps, Olivia and I had a good time! we actually got to finish a few conversations! Thanks for today, Olivia! we love you guys! We got some good pics for "the future wedding", too! =)

Our Future Garden continues to develop!

SO, the garden is continuing to be step at a time....the dirt and boxes have gone is almost time for the food to be planted! We are already learning things from the process...we are praying this garden will be a testimony to our neighbors...would be a joy and make an opportunity for us to share of our most joy...Jesus...that it would be a blessing to our community.
This morning I looked out and there were doves...15! of them walking over all of the dirt in the boxes....maybe that is normal...but all the other birds that are in our yard every morning were eating on the opposite side of the garden...We pray that this garden would bring peace...the peace of Jesus somehow to our neighbors and friends...we will watch and see how God does this. Regardless of the reason, I thanked God for that picture this morning!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Another surprise arrived in the mail from "Pa" and Sandy! Wow! The kids love their superhero capes!! Thank you pa and sandy!! We love you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Preschool

The kiddos started preschool yesterday. I can say that it marks a day of rememberance when God helped all of us be brave! We had prayed for the children as they were hesitant about leaving mama...imagine! be brave and have courage. We had others praying for them and me. I didn't realize how emotional i'd be over it all. But I was truly dependant on God to give them courage. I had no trick or anything else to say, I simply had to trust that God would help my children and give courage when I could not. And HE DID! They did great and we celebrated after i picked them up of how God had given them victory over their fear!! We do it again tomorrow and I must say, I think I will get better sleep tonight....PRAISE GOD!
oh, and just a side note, I ran over a curb and my battery died while my kiddos were in school....perhaps tomorrow will be a better use of time....=)

Our Future Garden

Jonathan and his wife, Lauren are going to Sudan soon and wanted to practice gardening. Jonathan is taking a class here in Austin and made our yard his project! we are so excited! Wesleygrant helped him and insisted they wear the "play hats". Jonathan is such a sport! We love the Ramirez's!

Fun day with BOYS!

Wesleygrant got to play with some friends last thursday...Tyler and Caleb. He is always asking me, after I tell him "You can't wrestle with girls." "Mommy, where are all the boys.." So I realized we don't have any during the day at home and so, we decided to go hang out with friends who have boys. Wesleygrant got to drive this jeep for the first time....After I took this video, Tyler fell out and Wesleygrant ran over him....hmmm kim (tyler's mom) and I stood there imagining when they are in High School! Watch out!