Friday, February 26, 2010

This year so far...

Verge Conference!!
Visiting old friends in Atlanta! Ainsley, sally and karis! love you wendi!!
Visiting family in Atlanta! Sally and Gracie!
Tea parties and baby showers with sally!!
Celebrating birthdays with dear friends! Love you Kim!
Sarah and Savannah moved out...we miss them, but love seeing how God continues to lead them!
The Haitian Earthquake really has touched our hearts...especially sally...i found her with her babies...telling me that she is helping these babies from haiti b/c their home was broken...
Enjoying the garden still...the girls will only eat broccoli like this out of the garden and if they are works!
Still burning things...i.e. the christmas tree here...

New friends moved to Austin!! and we've had a blast with the Kovacs family!
New Year's with rich friends!