Friday, November 2, 2007

Something new

I think there's something in the water here in Austin...and all over, as Kimberly has caught what a lot of her friends have. click and see what she's got!!


I don't know where she gets it, but sally LOVES jewelry, phones, watches and make up! We went up to Stew's office on holloween handing out candy...wesleygrant was a king and sally was a princess...wesleygrant was being picture shy, so we only caught the princess in action.

A Weekend at the Farm

Mom (My mother's mom) and sally
Wesleygrant, sally and peyton
Wesleygrant and peyton after chasing the cat out of the yard

memaw and Sally
Pa and sally on the Gator
Wesleygrant and Uncle Kevin

We spent last weekend at the farm, riding 4 wheelers, eating good southern cooking, going to a cowboy church and hanging out with great grandparents and cousins! It was great! My kiddos proved to be "city kids", but over time maybe some of the country will do them some good! Every kid needs a little you all....thank you for the fun weekend pa!!