Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting back to life...

I feel like we have still been on "vacation" even though stew is back to work. We have had a real chill summer...but we are slowly getting back to life here in Austin. This video just shows you a typical scene in our home with the kiddos. Alessia's girls and my kiddos have been reunited and they love each other so much...this is so usual, wesleygrant leads the girls to do something...he made them line all the chairs up and became their bus went on all day...but i caught a glimpse of what i hear from the kitchen...minus the "don't take my picture!".. =)

But isn't it true, when you get a real dose of rest after so much running, you almost don't want to get back up again...this is kind of how i have been feeling...but yet, i hear the chant of all the saints of Jesus over all this life...and so we are coming to a place of jogging again. Rest has been good to look more clearer, ahead...we go...

We are learning :
1. that believing God loves us truly changes our lives, even to the smallest detail
2. that God is in control amidst the evil that continues...that it does have an end
3. that it is good to ask for help
4. that God is provider always
5. that seeing God so bright can often come in the harder times

will write more as we head into fall.....