Friday, June 22, 2007


Welcome to our blog! We have some tweeking to do still, but here we go! We are starting it back up again and look forward to sharing life with you here in the Stewart household! I will post weekly, so enjoy!


Us here in Austin!!

We've been here in Austin, TX for 7 months now....we look forward to sharing our lives with you here!

We Love Our Sweet Sally!!

Sally has been such a sweetness in our lives! We have all been effected by her, even though she is the smallest. She will be 1 July 2nd! She tries to do everything her brother does and is almost able to run after him! =) We love you Sally Marie!!

Spending Time at the Farm

Since we've moved to Austin, we are closer to family and have gotten to spend many weekends there at the farm and visiting grandparents. My brother also recently moved near there and so we are so excited to see Uncle Kevin and Pa a lot more! Wesleygrant's favorite thing is to feed the catfish! We love you pa and uncle kevin!!