Monday, April 7, 2008

Quick Dinners!

Two other moms and I got together Friday to prepare meals for each other to fill our freezer...We prepared two before hand and then each cooked one meal. It was fabulous!! We all now have 9 meals in our freezer ready to go! A great idea!! We will be doing it again for sure!

Kings and Princesses

So, King and Princess is regular in our vocabulary at home...Wesleygrant believes that all boys are kings and girls are princesses. He will see a woman any age in the store and say, mommy, she is a princess...and vice versa with boys...I love how this has evolved in our continually speaks to me the gospel and the way God views us. Today they decided to chase each other around the halls....but of course, they had to get their crowns on...what a picture to me of how God looks down on his children and sees us, even when we are not fully "grown". Kids are great for endless lessons!