Friday, November 14, 2008


Today WesleyGrant is 4 years old!! We have a tradition of happy face pancakes on the morning of our birthdays and this morning wesley grant just wanted a waffle with a candle...he is getting quite an opinion the older he gets...=)....then it was off to Anna's Toy Depot to pick out his birthday gift. My kids love that place! He had fun playing in the store and with the owner and finally we were off with superhero figures and a Knight armor kit. Then it was off to eat lunch at Whole Foods (yes, wg loves that place...but it also went well with stew's new diet!...will blog later) and enjoyed some good food! Tomorrow is the big birthday cake party with friends and to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESLEY GRANT! you are SO LOVED!!

The Fulfers

We had the privilege of hosting some friends from Argentina this week! They are American, but have been serving in Argentina for the past 2 years. It was wonderful to see them and meet their kids! They got to share with some college students and friends of ours while they were here. It was such a joy!