Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A M2M celebration!

Leaders from all of our moms groups in the city gathered together at my home Monday night for Fondue, fellowship, ornament exchanges and a dance party birthday celebration!  The chocolate was unbelievable!  The ornament exchange was so fun...and got a little "spicy" when one a few ornaments were wanted by more than one person....and thanks to Sally Lopez, we had the funniest ornament ever! Sorry Keisha! =) the end we celebrated Catherine's birthday with the birthday song from the Beatles and started a brief dance party! It was so great!  Really thankful for these women and how they love and give with their lives!  

A Special Anniversary

Celebrating our 5th anniversary was so great! Stew took me to the Oasis for a great meal and view of the sunset...we were right on the edge of the was awesome! He also surprised me with a basket of gifts...not just any gifts, but ones that had special sentiment...he used each gift to describe the "5 things he loves about me" from the last 5 years...WOW! He knows me so well and knew just how to show his love to was wonderful! Looking forward to another year and many many more....I have the greatest husband!!  Thank you, my love!

Smore...good times!

Our "ST. Johns" network got together for smore's in our backyard with our new fire pit! It was so fun!