Saturday, April 11, 2009

Passover Seder Meal

As we continue to try with "family traditions"...this Easter has been a reminder that some traditions, unlike the Christmas tree hunting, will stick,"accidentally", and bring a blessing to us that we never expected! 

Last year we tried to make Easter more about Jesus' story....Salvation....the Good news!  We invited friends and neighbors over for Easter lunch...and decided we would do Mediterranean food...with Lamb...and celebrate our "Lamb of God".  We will do it again tomorrow.  But remembering the great experience that was, we added this year and "accidentally" so much "sight" has come to the true meaning of Easter.  Some of our friends weren't able to join us for Sunday, so we decided to do a passover meal with them to prepare all of our hearts together for Easter.

So Thursday we held the "Passover Seder Meal" with those we call "family" here in Austin.  It was an experience that I can't describe in words.  To celebrate the Passover as believers is an amazing experience!   The passover is a meal order the Jewish people celebrate. It tells the story of the great exodus and God's hope for salvation.   For a Jew, the 3rd glass of wine is left well as the last piece of Matzo (flatbread) hopes that Elijah will come and tell of the coming Messiah....They wait still for the Messiah....

But get this!  The night before Jesus was crucified, he had passover meal with the disciples and he took the bread and cup that was normally left and broke it and made it a "remembrance of Him". (our now communion)  What must those disciples have thought?!  WOW!  For them to dip the cup and take from Jesus that night was to say "I will follow you....I believe you are the Messiah"....or they were committing a horrible act as a Jewish man.

The passover was a sweet time to come to realization of our story of salvation....or "exodus from Egypt"  and prepare our hearts for celebrating Easter!  We look forward to having a passover Seder each year! Sometimes, things just "accidentally" come our way with family traditions. =)