Friday, April 25, 2008

Super Heros and Water Sprinklers

We are officially into being a 'hero' these days...we have talks about them all day long.....and as the heat begins here in Austin, Uncle Kevin sent another fun gift for the kiddos.....a fun water sprinkler...Thank you Uncle Kevin!!

A Girly Morning...

SO, i never thought i would be painting my 22 month old's toes, but this morning brought that opportunity. I was doing my own "home pedicure" and sally came up watching me with great curiosity....quietly she watched until i was all done, then she said, "Sally's toes?" How could i resist! So, Sally got the royal treatment and i can't believe how still she was. She LOVED it. I never knew how fun that would be for me, but it was. I believe that Sally is more of a girl than i am. I told Sally she can thank her "Aunt Leslie" who taught her mommy in college all about Pedicures and all that girly stuff! Thanks "Aunt Leslie"! I'm training up my girls for your boys one day!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ladies Night Out!

So this is us...a group of girls who desire to live missionally in everything we simply follow Christ. These are all women in our missional community that meets on Thursday night. We snuck out early and left the guys at our house so we could have some girl time with tea and dessert..chocolate of course! I cherish these ladies more every week as they challenge me to live for Christ rather than myself. They are all uniquely gifted in amazing ways! Jackie and Christel are going to live with us this summer! Although i wish we had room and i would beg all of them to live with us! I decided we should build a "Red Tent" in the back yard and truly live as the old testament women...wouldn't life be so much better ladies? If you haven't read the fiction book, "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant, read it...and you will know what i'm talking about....
Love you ladies! You are a gift to me!!
(L-R Jackie, Christel, Emily, Lauren, me, Caryn and Kristen)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ellie Peck

So, these are just hilarious pictures....Think of your own commentary...

This is Wesleygrant's friend, Ellie Peck. These two couldn't even talk when we first moved here almost 2 yrs ago...and now they have "adult" is so cute....My favorite thing was when Wesleygrant went up to Ellie at church and said, "Ellie, what a beautiful dress you have on today..." and "Ellie swung her dress like the girliest of girls and said with a smile, "Yeah.." Ellie has taught Wesleygrant songs, like "Jesus loves the little children". We are thankful for Ellie Peck...she and her sister, Halle will keep Wesleygrant and all the little boys in line for sure! We love the Peck family!


Wesleygrant in Johnathan's gear...he is "buzz light year", he says....

Mercy Ministry serves us in our home and challenges us to live out mercy within our neighborhood....

Happy Birthday, Christel! Who will be living with us this summer! yeah!

Our missional community on Thursday nights
Our lives and weeks continue to be filled with Community....and this community has become like family. We are being the church together within our neighborhood and extending overseas as many will be specifically using what we have been learning over this Spring in parts of Africa. These pictures involve a lot of different people, but we are all "on mission" together in our city. We are continually challenged by the word of God and prayer. We are seeing what it means to live in obedience to the word, rather than walk with knowledge of the word. It has changed all of us! Stew and I never could have dreamed of people like this in our lives.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Quick Dinners!

Two other moms and I got together Friday to prepare meals for each other to fill our freezer...We prepared two before hand and then each cooked one meal. It was fabulous!! We all now have 9 meals in our freezer ready to go! A great idea!! We will be doing it again for sure!

Kings and Princesses

So, King and Princess is regular in our vocabulary at home...Wesleygrant believes that all boys are kings and girls are princesses. He will see a woman any age in the store and say, mommy, she is a princess...and vice versa with boys...I love how this has evolved in our continually speaks to me the gospel and the way God views us. Today they decided to chase each other around the halls....but of course, they had to get their crowns on...what a picture to me of how God looks down on his children and sees us, even when we are not fully "grown". Kids are great for endless lessons!