Sunday, July 13, 2008


We continue to be overwhelmed by our friends who are truly "family" to us here in Austin! Everyday we are brought something or visited by someone! Karis' birth has brought so much joy to so many people! We continue to pray that her life would truly be a revelation of grace to the nations!! We love baby karis!!

Jackie and Christel

We have loved having Jackie and Christel in our home this summer. They have added so many things to our home and helped me in so many ways!! We love you girls!!

Family trip to TCBY!!

So we were all eating dinner and Stew says, "Family trip to TCBY!!" And so we all piled in to the van and made our way downtown to get the cream! We were quite the challenging order through the drive thru, but we all successfully got our ice cream as we wanted it and made our way back home! Yeah for ice cream!!!

Uncle Kevin!!

Uncle Kevin came to visit and the kids were so excited, as usual! We love you Uncle Kevin!!!