Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Gospel...according to WesleyGrant

ME:  "Good morning wesleygrant...would you like some cereal?"

WG:  "Yes, mommy, thank you...." (pause)  "mama, I love you"

ME:  "I love you too, son!"  "I hope you always tell me you love me, WG"

WG:  "Yes, mommy....I will always love you..."  (pause)  "I will always obey you too, mama!  ALL TIMES!"

ME:  "That is wonderful, WG, but I have to tell you that you will not always obey me..."

WG: Quickly..."Yes I will!"

ME: "Do you know who did always obey?"
   as i was attempting to "share the gospel"...exciting thinking wow! i can share the gospel with him....he interupts and attempts to share with me....

WG:  "Mommy, It is just like the boy who ate the pig food (prodical son)....he ate it but then he went back to his daddy. (the father) and his daddy hugged him."   "He obeyed mommy...."

ME: I attempt to tell him that is right and further explain, but he keeps talking....

WG: "mommy, remember when i had poopoo stuck in my bum? (poop in his bottom, ie constipated)

ME: "yes, you needed more fiber..."

WG:  "well, a bee catched my poop and didn't let it come i had to eat fiber"

Sally comes in...

ME:"Sally you want some cereal?"

Sally: "Yes"

WG: "sally, i will share my cereal with you and make you some apple pie later!"

Sally: "NO BUBBA!!" (yelling)

ME: "Sally, that is not loving..."  "WG, can you share the gospel with sally and help her understand how to love."

WG: "yes..."  "Sally, We obey all times like the boy who ate pig poop and then caught his father...and then poop came down inside of me and the bee caught it...I had to have Jesus and then it came out! "

ME:  "thank you wg..."

Sally, very confused...but no longer yelling....

wow...and that is the gospel according to my wesleygrant...=)