Friday, August 8, 2008

Sally's dance for her Grandpa and Great Grands!

This video is for Pa and Pepaw and Memaw....sally's grandfather and great grandparents. They love country music and my grandparents are very involved with a cowboy church that has taught us so much about community. We were watching some country music...forgive us, Pa, for not knowing who the famous one was...but sally and wesleygrant loved dancing to it! It was so hilarious! We often tease about our kids being "city kids" when they go visit their grandparents in the country. But even so, I believe there is a little "country" in them! We accidentally deleted a video of both Sally's will have to do for now...until next time! =) We love you Pa! We love you Pepaw and Memaw!!

Baby Karis

6 weeks old and 10lbs!

Karis continues to grow and become her part in our family! She is more awake and the kids love to hold her. Many have asked how the "transition to 3" has been....depends on who you ask...but I would say much easier than 2 was....i don't really know why. perhaps the experience or just once you have "crazy"...adding more "crazy" doesn't really change anything. =) Stew would say it has been harder, but that is b/c this is the first time he has to take care of 2 kiddos. He is having the "transition of 2" while I am the 3. So, I guess either way, we prove that 2 is a little harder to adjust than 3 has been. But even though each day is new discoveries, we really can't remember our life without Karis.