Friday, April 25, 2008

Super Heros and Water Sprinklers

We are officially into being a 'hero' these days...we have talks about them all day long.....and as the heat begins here in Austin, Uncle Kevin sent another fun gift for the kiddos.....a fun water sprinkler...Thank you Uncle Kevin!!

A Girly Morning...

SO, i never thought i would be painting my 22 month old's toes, but this morning brought that opportunity. I was doing my own "home pedicure" and sally came up watching me with great curiosity....quietly she watched until i was all done, then she said, "Sally's toes?" How could i resist! So, Sally got the royal treatment and i can't believe how still she was. She LOVED it. I never knew how fun that would be for me, but it was. I believe that Sally is more of a girl than i am. I told Sally she can thank her "Aunt Leslie" who taught her mommy in college all about Pedicures and all that girly stuff! Thanks "Aunt Leslie"! I'm training up my girls for your boys one day!