Monday, April 4, 2011

Shine your face upon us

Psalm 119:135

Make Your face shine upon Your servant,

And teach me Your statutes.

I think back on the week with kelly. It seems so familiar in my mind. He is brilliant! He builds towers, plays with cars, jumps off of couches onto pillows, loves curious george now and is a child that loves life. He has an amazing throwing arm! We loved tossing the ball and saying "I love you, Kelly" with each throw. This was what helped us transfer creole words to english.

The next few days with kelly after the beach just became normal life. We longed for our other kids to be there, but we made life in haiti life for us and held on to every moment.

Kelly's first bath was hilarious! I started the shower and he looked at me terrified..."oh right, you probably take a shower out of a bucket" i asked him "where?" in creole and he pointed at the mini sink on the wall. My eyes were huge, but oh well. It is funny how when you are in another country that you don't mind trying crazy things. I would never have done this in america. Somehow normal gets thrown out the window.

So, he sat in the sink laughing while i scrubbed him and then poured water from a cup over his body. It was a blast! I bathed him more than i should have simply b/c it was fun! =)

I learned how to comb his hair, oil his hair, lotion his little body and figured out his look for needing to go to the bathroom. He loves brushing his teeth! Can't wait for him to teach that to his brother and sisters back home! =)

Kelly has been through a lot, but God has sustained life in him. I was amazed every moment at this kid! We taught him how to drink spark! =) My son is such a gift to us. He makes us think of the Lord every moment.

A new week begins today. We skyped with Kelly yesterday and it warmed our hearts just to see his face with our own eyes! It is a grace to us to help us in this journey. I know many don't get to see their children or hear from them as often as we will. I do not take that lightly..i am so thankful. Sometimes i think, "if i can just see his face and know he is okay, i will be better" 

BUT Today, I was reminded that God's will is always happening. His rescue, His blessings, His plans are always working. As much as I want to see kelly's face, i realized that it is the LORD's face that i must seek to see to help me walk day by day. His face will give me great hope! His face is the face that will save my son. His face works all things. He alone saves. God has held Kelly this long and will hold him until he is home with us. I seek the Lord's face as I long for Kelly.