Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So, after my birthday weekend, i am jet-lagged or really relaxed and having a hard time adjusting to the 2 hour time difference (i mean come on!!)...i feel like i'm in Africa all over again....or maybe Spain...but today was a better day...we decided to walk somewhere for lunch to keep me from falling asleep. =P We are in walking distance from everything we need. Our days so far look as follows: We walk daddy to class and then play around the trees....walk home, take a morning nap...eat snacks...walk to go get daddy for lunch...walk home, take naps...eat snacks...walk back to get daddy and head to bed as soon as we are done with dinner...kind of boring. =) But maybe we will have more exciting days ahead...for now...it is good to just stroll along with the day and enjoy being with daddy! It is so beautiful here!!

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