Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Turning 30!!!

So, a HUGE surprise came last night when Jenny Rose showed up my house and took me off to an amazing restaurant! CHEZ ZEE!! And what awaited but 10 more beautiful ladies to wish me a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! Of course, i was overwhelmed as I was surrounded with so much love. These women blow wind in my sails. And are a continual reminder of God's love!! I love you ladies!! Thank you so much!!!


Christina said...

Happy birthday! Thirty is nothing to fret about. You look beautiful and happy in the pictures you posted.

Maybe Allen and I can see you next time we pass through Austin on the way to his parents' place near San Marcos.

You have blown wind in my sails before, too. I pray for much blessing for you all in the year ahead.

Shawnda said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Amazing that you have THAT many friends ALREADY in Austin!!!! What a GIFT from the Lord!!!!!!! : )