Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Friends from Saudi Arabia

Rama, Sally and Meshal
We met a family from Saudi Arabia from our friend, Hilary Pepper. Fauzy, Eman, Rama (2yrs), and Meshal (1 yr). Fauzy is a student of Hilary's. Hilary asked us if we would meet them one evening...that evening began a friendship. I have never spent time with a family that within a matter of a few hours, i felt as if they were people i had known for so long. We are so very different, but so much alike. We have had many fun times with them all over Austin. They are leaving for Oklahoma next week and will be there in school for 3 yrs. We are very sad, but hope to visit them.

Our kids play so well together. Rama and Meshal only know a little bit of english, but that didn't interupt them playing. They know the abc's, barney "i love you" song and "happy birthday!!" one night we were at Starbucks and WesleyGrant and Rama were standing on the chairs holding hands and singing the Barney song so everyone could hear it!! Quite the entertainment!

Tonight they brought dinner to our apartment and we ate "Arabic style". It was an incredible meal. Eman is a great cook in her country...and we tasted why! Fauzy and Eman, we are so thankful to have met you and for all you have shared with us! We will look forward to knowing you more and visiting with you! Eman, I will never forget our picnic with the bats! ha!!!


melissa said...

thanks for your sweet comment... it was wonderful to catch up on your life & summer adventures! i love that you're blogging again! i really think we'll be blessed w/ seeing you next month since wes is seeing wilco at ACL :) :)!!!

khlood said...

Hello iam rama and meshel grand mother i want to say thank you about what did you wrote about my children and i invieting you to visite us in our country
this is my email
keep in toche:):)