Friday, December 14, 2007

The Pinkstaffs!!

Stew, Hannah, Kimberly, Wesley Grant, Laura, sally, matt and Sophia....and two little peas...

Finally, We walked into the Snaders house in Memphis and got to embrace our dearest friends, the Pinkstaffs. They were here in the states for a short time and so we drove to see them with much joy in our hearts. Though the time was short, it filled all of our hearts with deep joy and encouragement. The pinkstaffs have amazed us with their perseverence and trust in the Lord this first year in India. They will return for a few more years...our hearts return with them. And what is so fun is that Laura and I are both pregnant with our 3rd and due the same time!!

Pinkstaff family, you are so dear to are kindred spirits to our hearts...and we are with you in every way. And, i asked for a plane ticket for us to come see you in India for Christmas!! =) We love you guys so much!! Praying for you as you finish your visit and continue ahead....we are with you!

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CCEHMM said...

Kimberly, I don't even know this family, but I can see from the photos and stories that ya'll love each other a great deal. That friendship and love is a special bond united in Christ - super amazing!

So glad ya'll are back in Austin and had a great time on your vacation!