Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Family, Friends and Neighbors

We recently went to Georgia to visit Stew's family. We forgot our camera and so are lacking in the pics of that one...sorry Grandaddy and Nanna!! But we've returned and been able to continue using our house for lots of fun! These are some recent friends who came over. We live right near a park and the kids love walking over there. We have really gotten to know surrounding kids that live here in our neighborhood that way. Sally and Wesleygrant continue to wave and say high to anyone that will look their way...they are quite the show around here!

We are getting ready for our block party this weekend! We are hosting it and it is out of control! I mean, when they throw parties around here, they do it all! We have neighbors bringing tamales, beans, rice, and mexican pastries! We are cooking some hotdogs for kids and there will even be a big bouncing Castle for the kids in our back yard!! crazy!! I'll be sure my camera is ready and share more next week!

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Brad, Les and Caleb said...

Okay, the picture of Wesley Grant in the tree is sooooooooooo hilarious. His facial expressions are awesome.

Also, just wanted to say I love how you guys reach out to EVERYONE around you at all times. You amaze me with your consistency in ministry and convict me terribly of how reclusive we can be sometimes. Thanks for reminding me that it is not just about fellowship with our church friends, but our neighbors and entire community.