Friday, March 7, 2008

A Joyous Night

On February 28th, I had the privilege of serving 16 women from our church in my home. I have a relationship with them in some way or another and I wanted to use the gifts that God gave me to love on them. The first half was serving them a delicious meal along with some talented chef's and servers (Laney and Lauren!) and then the last half of the evening, I called each one up beside me to call out one characteristic I have seen in them...i.e..."Wisdom, compassion, servant, warrior...ect." and I was able to use my gift of encouragement to call out how I saw God using them. I was also able to tell them what others had said about them and thank them for being the beautiful women they were in our body at The Austin Stone. It was AMAZING for all of us!! In the end, we had some unexpected entertainment by our very own WesleyGrant...check out the video for a small preview! This went on for an hour if you can believe it! He loved the ladies!!! HA! Love you ladies and i'm so privileged to know and serve with you!


Shawnda said...

That is BEAUTIFUL, Kimberly! What a sweet way to serve the women around you!!! A wonderful idea and so honoring to our Lord - encouraging one another in the gifts our Lord has given to them! I know the Lord used you to stir their hearts to MORE good deeds for His glory!!!

Ashleigh Carroll said...

That video of WG is HYSTERICAL. LOVED that. Thanks for sharing.

小小彬 said...