Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our First Block Party!!

Ryan turned 2!
It was so fun, that adults pretended to be kids to get a swing at Elmo!
We found the bounce house to be a great babysitter!
The great feast!
My dad and wesleyGrant cleaning up trash

Our block party was a week ago...It was the start of an extraordinary week!

The morning started with people from the neighborhood and our church cleaning up the trash in and around our neighborhood. We stayed home and got ready for all of them and neighbors to arrive for food and fun! It was wonderful! the food was a feast as people in the neighborhood brought authentic Mexican food and we had other mixed foods along the side. It was truly a time where many of our church friends got to connect face to face with our neighbors and we got to meet new faces in our neighborhood. One little boy's birthday happened to be that weekend, so we celebrated it with cake and a Pinata!

The response for our neighbors who came and even those who just looked on, was comments like, "We need this in our neighborhood"...."thank you"...."where did you guys come from?"...."you mean you did this for us?"...we had some neighbors stop by after it was over and thank us for the was all they had eaten that day....others just wanted to say thanks for the joy they found. It was so addicting, that we can't wait to do it again...or invite them in our home. We truly had the poor, homeless, 2 prostitutes, one widow, one drug dealer and many children eating together with the believers of Christ. I'm telling you, there is no life better than that!

Thanks to my dad who came and helped us! We sure enjoyed him and how he served along side of us and was able to live life with us!! We love you Pa!! Thank you!! And thank you to all the Belivers who were there loving on us and our neighbors!! We have connected so much in this neighborhood because of you!! We love you AustinStone Believers!

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