Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Preschool

The kiddos started preschool yesterday. I can say that it marks a day of rememberance when God helped all of us be brave! We had prayed for the children as they were hesitant about leaving mama...imagine! be brave and have courage. We had others praying for them and me. I didn't realize how emotional i'd be over it all. But I was truly dependant on God to give them courage. I had no trick or anything else to say, I simply had to trust that God would help my children and give courage when I could not. And HE DID! They did great and we celebrated after i picked them up of how God had given them victory over their fear!! We do it again tomorrow and I must say, I think I will get better sleep tonight....PRAISE GOD!
oh, and just a side note, I ran over a curb and my battery died while my kiddos were in school....perhaps tomorrow will be a better use of time....=)