Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vacation with Friends

We just returned from a relaxing time with friends. We were all without kids, except for Karis. (There is 12 kids between all of us!) We love the team we work with here in the city of Austin and they are slowly turning into our family. We had a wonderful time and are ready to hit the ground running again.


rothwed73 said...

I was at "Grandma Marie's" home today when the mailman dropped your letter through the mail slot in her front door. She was so happy to have pictures of the children and hear about your weekend away with Stew and Karis. She's doing better since her pain patch medicine was increased. --Susie

Shawnda said...

SOOOOO thankful to the Lord for refreshing ya'll! And SO thankful He's given you 'family' there! Beautiful pic of the church!