Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Special Anniversary

Celebrating our 5th anniversary was so great! Stew took me to the Oasis for a great meal and view of the sunset...we were right on the edge of the was awesome! He also surprised me with a basket of gifts...not just any gifts, but ones that had special sentiment...he used each gift to describe the "5 things he loves about me" from the last 5 years...WOW! He knows me so well and knew just how to show his love to was wonderful! Looking forward to another year and many many more....I have the greatest husband!!  Thank you, my love!

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Shawnda said...

Happy Anniversary, Stew and Kimberly! So thankful the Lord brought you together and that He's using you together to show others His love! You are a BLESSING to our family and many others!!! May He continue to pour out His grace on you that you may find joy and hope in Him with each new season and rejoice in the gift you have in one another!