Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

A New Year...I am always full of emotions this time of year...right after Christmas Day ends, reflection begins for a week until the new year. This year's reflection was simply, "I could have never imagined this year". I remember last year anticipating the new year and I could have never imagined the year we had. I am amazed!

New friends, new dreams, many blessed interruptions.... anniversaries-mother's death, birthdays, marriage, home, holidays....many living in our home....many visiting our home....extremely joyful times and extremely sorrowful times....full sanity...full insanity....milestones for the kids....milestones in our hearts....the gospel clearer than before...orphans, widows, the forgotten weaving in our hearts......summer across america...drugs on our street....mugging in neighbors....dear friends leaving...and all in all in the end, we come again to JESUS. He is the one who makes us, revives us and makes us work again....He is our breath with each new day.

I read that "growing up is just thousands of feelings in thousands of days" we've added another year to our first thousand days here in has given us many feelings with many experiences...and truly we look back and can say we are growing....

So, we enter another new year....knowing we cant even imagine what He has in store for us! But we will trust and pray it all for Him! To you God, Our King...who numbers all our days...we shall live them to and by you!

Happy New Year!!

Love, The Stewarts

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