Friday, April 2, 2010

March gives a new season!

gardening has been fun...we have been outside almost everyday and enjoying new projects around the house....we are enjoying it before the hot summer has been so relaxing and a relaxing enjoyment for stew and i both...

lettuce and spinach
lots of spring time flowers coming back from last year!

fun picnics with dear friends who have returned to austin!

we have been praying for 2 yrs for families to come into our neighborhood...and slowly, but surely we are meeting neighboring families and dear friends are moving on our very street! we are so thankful and hope to make fridays, family time with all!!

one of the greatest and newest things is a date night co-op we are doing with dear friends....we get a free date every monday night and every monday night our kids get to play in their pj's with their friends...and once a month we get to keep all of is fun thankful for these families and friends for our kiddos!

new ways of learning and growing....we continue to be thankful for what God continues to do in our midst!

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laurap said...

I just love you! Just so you know.