Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our summer is Over here comes Fall!

1st day of school!! WG and Adreanna are in Kindergarten at KIPP ACADEMY!! Summer is over
Lauren Ramirez's shower!!

Hilary Sheppard's Shower!!
Fourth of July
Sally Turned 4!!
Karis turned 2!!
Stew and I got some time alone in Chicago!!
Fun times with the Crawfords in Kansas City!!

Precious moments with the Pinkstaff family!!

Great memories from Memphis!!

Our old house in Memphis
Refreshing times with Mentors in Arkansas
Visiting Donnie from College!! We met him when he was in 6th grade! now a sophomore in college
Andrea and Tepera are getting married!!! Andrea moved in with us and we get to be a part of their wedding!
Jackie and Scott's graduation party from UT!!!
The summer has been full and amazing!! Fall is coming! we are ready!


laurap said...

WHEW!!! I need a rest from YOUR summer! I love you!!! What a gift it was to have you all here!

Erin said...

What FUN times!!! I can't believe WG is in Kindergarten! Love yall!