Sunday, September 2, 2007

" What do you do all day??"

3. And finally, mommy quits talking and just shows us how to love. We call this hug, "filling up our love tanks" And that about covers what mommy does...

2. Then once mommy begins, we decide we must apply what we are learning....Wesleygrant- hands on with everything! (like his mommy) Sally- hears and dreams (like her daddy) of how she can apply it all! And then teaches others how to apply it. Really, we are just doing our own thing while mommy tells us how we are suppose to love one another..."yes, mommy, after i am finished doing what i want to mommy..."
1. Before mommy begins the school of life, we must begin with our hats on....WesleyGrant- sally's skirt...Sally- a mexican hat....we are ready to learn!
I've got this question from some people recently...not asked out of questioning my job or role as a mother, but out of pure curiosity...sometimes asked by those without kids who want to connect with my world and other times out of desiring a real good answer to help them with their own children...I can't say i can ever give them a real "good" answer, but it has been fun to talk about my "job" and what i do as a mother with my children. It has also helped me to reevaluate things and keep the good, do away with the bad and add the new. I thought i would post just a few highlights of my day today....(actually taken all within 10 minutes of each other, but you get the idea)
I've found that the greatest thing about my job, is how it is teaching me about my own life...about the gospel...about love. I was not qualified for the job of being a mother....but as I seek to parent them to know God, He provides everything. I'm being taught as i teach my children. To trust and believe God. To obey Him b/c I love Him. To think of others more than myself. That discipline is a means of rescuing a child to a protected a right place under my God disciplines me back under Him. I'm learning how God views me...He doesn't shame me to win my obedience...He disciplines me out of love b/c of His jealous mission to bring me back to Him Prov 3:12, Heb. 12:6. I'm learning that nothing can separate me from God's love... Rom. 8. I'm learning to forgive. I'm learning self-control. I'm learning to give grace. I'm learning to give. I'm learning....I teach, not b/c i am a teacher, but b/c i am a learner dependant upon God to "counsel me with His eye upon me"....and He does.

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