Thursday, December 6, 2007

We are moved in!!!

We are finally in our new house! We could not have done it without those who loved us so well and moved us! over 30 people were at our house moving and even unpacking my boxes!! We could not have done it without you Austin Stone!! We are overjoyed to be in our new home and to be finally in St. John's neighborhood. We've already been able to host many things at our house and meet a lot of neighbors! We are settling in and looking forward to a Christmas in our first home! Thank you all for praying and loving us in so many ways! Here are some picks over the last week!


Shawnda said...

WOOOHOOOO!!!! Congrats!!! : ) Man, it's so crazy! I look at those pics, and a couple of those girls are PURE TEXAN!!!! : ) That's NOT a bad thing - I LOVE Texas! It's just funny to look at those pics and see that! : ) People look different in different parts of the country or do things different enough to make them have a unique look or something, I think! : )

So glad ya'll got moved in! : )

Dave and Gloria said...

Congratulations you guys!~

We'll see y'all this weekend--