Friday, April 18, 2008


Wesleygrant in Johnathan's gear...he is "buzz light year", he says....

Mercy Ministry serves us in our home and challenges us to live out mercy within our neighborhood....

Happy Birthday, Christel! Who will be living with us this summer! yeah!

Our missional community on Thursday nights
Our lives and weeks continue to be filled with Community....and this community has become like family. We are being the church together within our neighborhood and extending overseas as many will be specifically using what we have been learning over this Spring in parts of Africa. These pictures involve a lot of different people, but we are all "on mission" together in our city. We are continually challenged by the word of God and prayer. We are seeing what it means to live in obedience to the word, rather than walk with knowledge of the word. It has changed all of us! Stew and I never could have dreamed of people like this in our lives.