Friday, April 18, 2008

Ellie Peck

So, these are just hilarious pictures....Think of your own commentary...

This is Wesleygrant's friend, Ellie Peck. These two couldn't even talk when we first moved here almost 2 yrs ago...and now they have "adult" is so cute....My favorite thing was when Wesleygrant went up to Ellie at church and said, "Ellie, what a beautiful dress you have on today..." and "Ellie swung her dress like the girliest of girls and said with a smile, "Yeah.." Ellie has taught Wesleygrant songs, like "Jesus loves the little children". We are thankful for Ellie Peck...she and her sister, Halle will keep Wesleygrant and all the little boys in line for sure! We love the Peck family!

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the peck family said...

oh we love you too!!

ellie and halle