Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ladies Night Out!

So this is us...a group of girls who desire to live missionally in everything we simply follow Christ. These are all women in our missional community that meets on Thursday night. We snuck out early and left the guys at our house so we could have some girl time with tea and dessert..chocolate of course! I cherish these ladies more every week as they challenge me to live for Christ rather than myself. They are all uniquely gifted in amazing ways! Jackie and Christel are going to live with us this summer! Although i wish we had room and i would beg all of them to live with us! I decided we should build a "Red Tent" in the back yard and truly live as the old testament women...wouldn't life be so much better ladies? If you haven't read the fiction book, "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant, read it...and you will know what i'm talking about....
Love you ladies! You are a gift to me!!
(L-R Jackie, Christel, Emily, Lauren, me, Caryn and Kristen)

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Madison said...


you all are so precious! I'm so glad you have these wonderful ladies as encouragement.
Can I come live with you too this summer? :)