Saturday, May 24, 2008

Extended Mother's day gift!

So after the birthday party, Michael surprised me with a night away for just the two of us! wow! It was something he was planning for mother's day, but the dates hadn't worked out to do it on mother's day. Some amazing ladies took our kids for the day and night and next morning and stew and I headed just outside of Austin where I seriously kept thinking we were back in Spain. We stayed at Vintage Villas and had an amazing date and dinner! It was the most refreshing thing for both of us!

Thank you, my dearest husband!! I love you so much!! You continue to amaze me with your creative and expressive gifts. You have taught me so much in the last 5 years and I could never ever find any friend as great as you!

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melissa said...

so so sweet! such a beautiful place! for such a beautiful mommy-to-be! HUGS!!!!!!!!!