Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wesley Grant helps Sally this morning

So saturday mornings are always lazy mornings for us and the kids usually come wake us up. This morning Wesleygrant came in and I told him to go and change his pull up to underwear and play in his room until sally woke up. Then, I hear both of them coming in our room....and hear Wesleygrant saying, "Sally come show them your underwear...i am so proud of you for wearing underwear...." Sally saying, "Yah...."
I look down and wesleygrant tells me he got sally dressed and changed her diaper...and informed me that it is her turn to wear big girl underwear.....guess i'd better start training her too. =)

Wesleygrant has blown us away this past week as he has really engaged in helping sally. Sally was crying in the hall and he came and asked us to come and pray for her. We told him to pray for her and so he did...we heard him say the sweetest prayer...."Father, help sally to obey and comfort her and help Jesus not to sin. Thank you amen." not entirely correct, but the first part blew us away! i will never forget that!

So, here is sally sporting her undies.....Wesleygrant's that is!