Monday, September 28, 2009

We will cling to His every word

Luke 19:47b-48
The chief priests and the scribes and the principal men of the people were seeking to destroy him, but they did not find anything they could do, for all the people were hanging on his words.

This summer has been full of wonderful things...and as life goes, with hard things as well. We just said good bye to 4 families that we have spent life with and some for over the last 2 years here in the St.John Neighborhood of Austin.

One couple, were believers whom we did life with and considered family...they left for sudan, africa. Another family we have known since we moved in here...they have had many stuggles, but we would pray and watch God provide for them even when they did not believe. Another family consisted of a single mom and 2 girls who became one of our life joys as we watched God provide for them after their apartment burned down. God brought salvation to them and a joy to our home that we feel we will never experience with any others. They were our blessed interruption and changed our lives forever. And then another family we have known for a little over a year. Their children were a part of our home as well. Over the last few months, we have had to work with police, Narcotics, Housing authorities and CPS as we watch their family be split a part and broken even more over the selling of drugs.

We are learning to say good bye...and that what we think God is doing is usually only 10% of what He is truly doing. Our lives are not the same since we first arrived here in St. John. A few months ago...even 2 days ago, we imagined doing life with these families forever...BUT GOD, is what we are learning to look to. Our children are not the same as when we first moved in. WesleyGrant has learned things about life as he cries and says good bye to his friends....or as he prays to God and describes the "bad guys" that he needs God to get....or as he waves to those he knows as the kind neighbors....Sally and Karis are learning to be princesses in the midst of a broken castle...and that only Jesus loves them the most.

Stew and I are learning everything. But most of all, we are learning to cling to God's every word...even when man, circumstances and evil seek to destroy us. We cling...we do life here...and we find great joy, all of our King Jesus. To Him are all things given and we trust that He is still making all things new ahead.


Ashleigh Carroll said...

Great post Kimberly. We have also had to say good bye to some friends that we have done life with here in Memphis (you included!). Praying that God would bring us both new life friends.

melissa said...

I know the Lord is sustaining you and comforting you through this, and I appreciate you guys sharing the stories & encouragement, but I am praying for you. So sorry to hear of these losses. My heart is breaking for you guys.

Suzanne Barrett said...

thanks for sharing your heart with us. Helps me to clarify and remember that life is about relationships, not all about lists, rules, getting stuff done and being the best _________. We are blessed with your friendship!!!