Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Walk ahead

Our son found himself at an orphanage that could not care for him in his greatest needs. God sustained him. A team of doctors came in October 2010 to that same orphanage. We started the adoption process in October 2010. The team of doctors talked to billy and sarah about getting him out of there and transferred to another orphanage. They went to rescue him.

I continually think back and weep...knowing how God watched and took care of our son while we were stateside doing paperwork. Our son is God's. He is so loved. We have no words for sarah or billy...we only have tears. We are so thankful for them, their work and love for the LORD. Forever we will be grateful.

Stew visited ____ at that 1st orphanage he was at. At that point they were trying to get paperwork from his birthmom and get him to transferred to His Home for Children. There is a waiting list at His Home.

God moved mountains and ____ was transferred to His Home and had been there 2 weeks before we arrived Feb. 21st. This home is a gift to us and how they care for their children. How they start the bonding process from afar and the experience they have with families.

Our agency is a gift. They are in the race with the finish line and beyond. I am so thankful for them and the staff.
The last day and into the next journey:

The last hours we had with our son were a gift. We never put him down...we held him close and I wept as I had to kiss him goodbye. We are forever changed. We are starting ____'s Paperwork and getting our's to Haiti in the next few weeks. We will return to Haiti March 20th to spend time with him again. We do not know when ____ will be able to come home. But we ask that you will ask God and we will ask him to bring him home today.

Journal entry February 26th:

We arrived home Wednesday night. The flight was hard. A mix of grief, joy, hope and peace. The only time i can relate to it is when my mother died. The deepest grief, but the greatest peace and joy and hope. And only God can comfort you when it all hits at once. This time it is about life, not death. I am thankful for the feelings as overwhelming as they are. I know God is giving just enough to move ahead. If i felt about _____ as I will in years to come, it would not be bearable. Thank you Father.

A woman sat next to me on the flight home. She was Haitian. For the 1st time I got to share about our son. It was right. And she was touched by the gospel of Jesus. She wept with me.
The last 2 days re-entering back at home has magnified the difference and change that has already taken place. I started the flight with 3 children and came home as a mother of 4.

The Lord has put an overwhelming love and sense of belong in our hearts regarding ____. A miracle. There is no doubt and no waver that he is our son. Even our children feel it. Since we got home, they talk of their brother and where he will sleep, play and sit at dinner. Sally puts food for him and doesn't understand why he is not home. They tell everyone they meet. I am seeing how the gospel should be shared at all times.

I break down crying about every couple of hours. There is an ache in my heart only Jesus can comfort. You give just what we need, father. Thank you.

I look at the clock and automatically add an hour (Haiti time) and think about what ___ must be doing. And I pray constantly for him. Begging God to bring ____ home. I am reminded that Jesus ' timing is perfect.
When the fullness of time had come, Christ was born in a manger.
At the 11th hour Jesus died on the cross
On the 3rd day He rose from the grave and conquered death.

Father, your timing of salvation is perfect. You know what ____ needs and what we need. Help me to trust your timing. Bring him home today. Sustain me until you rescue him. You know that day he will be with us here. Thank you for that day. Help us to get there.

You are teaching us to parent completely dependent on you...fully through prayer. Teach us to parent through prayer with all of our kids. And walk this life through prayer.

I wake this morning with the Haitian church service in mind...and their songs to thee. "Jezi..we adore thee...alpha and omega.. are mighty to save and can move mountains."

Give to ____ this morning...give miracles of healing...give life...set us in his heart.

This story is of salvation...we go to rescue...but you are the are LORD...You are provider of life. Father sustain us. Move the mountains and part the sea. Bring our son home we plea!!!


laurap said...

We are praying alongside.

You are continually on my heart.

Praise God for Kelly!!! Bring him home Lord. Do it quickly Lord!

Sandy said...

Kimberly, I am so touched and I hear your voice as I read. I know your mother would be so proud of the woman and Christian you are and continue to be. I am so proud of who you are and continue to be and I know that the love I have for you can never compare to the love your mother and the love Jesus has for you, but it is still so great. Know I am praying with and for you! Sandy

Doreen said...

He is just so cute!

Lord Jesus, we trust in Your sovereign plan, but we ask that Your sovereign plan is for Kelly to come home soon. We trust in Your perfect timing, but we ask that Your perfect timing means Kelly is here sooner than we could possibly expect. Until Kelly is here with Kimberly and Stew, we ask that You would touch his heart with Your love.